A Look back 2016 #ThriveIN5 - 15 Top Advice for Thrivers by Thrivers

We take a look back at some of the advice given by fellow Thrivers from around the World. 

Don’t think of the now. Think of the future everything in life is not easy. It's hard to accomplish things you just have to be willing to never give up. Always find away. - Chef Lij Heron 

Take a class! Taking a comedy course allows you to meet like-minded people, learn how to write and structure jokes, test out your material before taking the stage and perform for the first time in a supportive environment. - Comedian Mina Liccione 

When you enter in the fashion field always make something new and your own to show your own identity along with this perseverance and ambition are very important in overcoming obstacles....so first get some experience at designer houses rather launching your own brand it will help in building up your strong brand in the future and beneficial in avoiding pitfalls. - Fashion Designer Najwa Imran

Grow a thick skin. People will say all kinds of things about you, and they have that right, it’s how you react to what they say and do that will make the difference and it's part of the career that we have chosen. - Film Director Sean Hodgkinson

Do not be too attached to social media - join as many real classes you can and try lots of different workshops - especially summer courses abroad. These will help you find your style and help you become more well rounded as an artist. Don't focus on the money too much at the beginning... just keep creating art, even if it's after a hard day's work at your day job,
Every day, you'll evolve. - Fashion Illustrator Sara Japanwalla

If you love something from your heart you can make it. Everything is possible with determination and hard work. We started in my friend's room with a kitchen radio as a CD player and an old school mic without speaking any english words. Never give up. - DJs EZ Val & Asko of GC Sound

I'm not sure I'm in a position to give advice just yet, I have a lot of experiences and a lot to learn still.  I am but a student of what I do.  However, what I will say is... make sure you really, REALLY want this.  It takes a lot of determination, so once you're persistent and consistent enough, and adamant about producing a quality service/product, things will come your way.  Also, do it with genuine passion, and not in a vein to undercut or betray the production community that exists locally.  Try to work with them and collaborate as much as possible.  And leave your egos at home!!!!  You never know EVERYTHING!  Every day is an opportunity to learn something new, especially at the rapid pace that technology is progressing. - Photographer/Videographer Richard Voisin


“Believe in yourself”. It’s the first step to becoming an artist, you got to market yourself and think of yourself as a product that you want to sell the customer’s a.k.a the listeners. - Rapper Saad Brizzy

If you have the gift and truly believe in yourself, work hard and dream big. - Singer DD Foxx

Just be yourself, do what you love to do, and most importantly always follow your heart and believe in what and who you are as an artist and creator. I remember getting super caught up with tiny details coming up as a musician and overthinking things. I simply say just trust yourself and be what / who you desire to be. - Musician Hadi Sarieddine

To run a successful business, first take an accounting course. If you’re business is art, then learn the science behind it. The art is most powerful when you can consciously bend the rules of science. - Photographer Waleed Shah

Never give till the world hears you. Take on constructive criticism. Don't let everything go to your head. Help others and learn from every experience. Most important.. Stay humble and work hard. - Singer Pimms Brooke

If you get into this for the wrong reasons you will be chewed up and spat out very quickly by the machine. Do what you Love, Love what you do, and be TRUE to yourself. There is no meter in existence that could measure Success, there is no Time limit to becoming successful and make everyday count. - Musician Nigel Rojas

This is not the easiest of career paths so start reaching out and making genuine connections with potential fans from day one!! As I implied the internet is your friend and definitely learn to differentiate between constructive criticism and just plain hate. - Musician Shallun

Stay true to yourself, choose wisely with whom you associate and commit yourself to excellence. - Film Producer Lisa Wickham

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