ThriveXchange Bali 2019

Thrive International the creative community who showcases talents and offer opportunities for creatives internationally has launched their #ThriveXchange concept which can be compared to many successful co-living and remote working experiences that already exist on the market. Thrive's founder Ethan Auguste stated that the difference between what exists and the ThriveXchange is the target market of creatives and the tools available for instant collaboration such as music studios, access to local industry networking etc.

The first ThriveXchange will be hosted in the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia in May 2019. Creatives are asked to sign up soon due to the limit of rooms being allocated. During the 12 day trip to Bali, thrivers will get the opportunity to explore Bali, learn and network with locals, collaborate and use the time to unwind and relax.


Once creatives sign up they become part of the community and will be able to get the first preference for new locations during the year. Other locations expected are Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America. "This is an exciting time for Thrive, the response for the first exchange has been great and I plan to take this and blend with what we already do such as the #ThriveIN networking events and #ThriveMasterClass series" Ethan added. If you think this is something for you, visit for more details and to sign up for a chance to be selected.