Steelpan in the Middle East

Steelpan, the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago is getting a lot of love now in the Middle East thanks to an interview done by Justin Homer on the Kris Fade Show Virgin Radio in Dubai. The video got over almost 90,000 views and has gone viral spreading the culture to the U.A.E.    

Justin Homer is a professional pannist from Trinidad and Tobago who offers Steelpan musical performances for Dinners, Parties, Weddings and any other occasion.

In addition to Justin seen above getting his pan tuned by pan builder and professional Allan Poteon, Caribbean Vybez International the pioneers of bringing the Caribbean culture to the U.A.E. for over 7 years signed a deal with two leading pannists to work and develop Steelpan in the region. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Michael Gabriel and Allan Poteon are professionals and builders in the field and have moved to Dubai to fulfil the next step of the promotion of the Caribbean culture, with the development of the Steelpan.

Caribbean Vybez International will host various workshops to learn the art of the steelpan, build and produce new instruments to be exported around the World, and provide entertainment to various hotels, restaurants, brunches, events, beach clubs and more. 

In Oman the same is going on over there with their Royal Guard Steelpan Band. 

We are excited to see how far the instrument will reach this year with a lot already in the works I'm sure the Middle East will be soon the International hub for Steelpan. For booking or more info please contact