#60secYuleLuv Challenge

With Christmas around the corner, Shallun an artist from Trinidad and Tobago decided to challenge himself with a #60secYuleluv challenge. "In an attempt to force myself to make time to learn to play the ukulele I devised a challenge... To record 60 seconds of any Christmas song with as many artists as I can before December. That initial idea of me learning the ukulele, GREW into this fantastic way of spreading some Christmas "gooeyness" on Instagram/Facebook throughout December as well as creating content to promote those involved. So far I have 27 confirmations and filmed 15 artists, such as Rembunction, Mark Hardy, Nigel Rojas, Nailah Blackman and many other fantastic young artists." Shallun explained. 

Here is a look at the videos posted so far and get in the Christmas spirit :) 

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