Being a Trini living abroad during Christmas

Trinis who live aboard can't always come home for a true Trini Christmas so I came up with my list of things in no particular order that makes me feel a Trini Christmas, this is my opinion so feel free to add yours in the comments below. 


This delicious cake can be compared to a fruit cake with alcohol.  

Here is a recipe to make your own :


When you think of Christmas as a Trini you think of sorrel also known as Hibiscus Flower in other parts of the World. 



Imagine with me now, it's Christmas eve and the Ham is in the oven, the house is filled with all that yumminess. You not allowed to take a bite until Christmas but you sneak one anyway.... Yes, Ham and Christmas goes hand in hand for sure, add some chow chow and you good to go. 


Just like sorrel, Ginger Beer could be found at every house lime during Christmas. 



This is the crowned king of Christmas foods, breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack Pastelle is that item you got to have in your freezer ready to boil when the body ready for it... chicken, beef, seafood whatever the filling its going down.


My absolute favourite drink during Christmas, normally a great gift or drink to walk to a lime with Pounch De Creme is so delicious and can also be strong so don't let the milky that's only for 'ladies drink' fool you. This drink can be compared to the American Christmas drink eggnog.


Homes are beautified with Ponsetters every Christmas, this bright red flower can be the unofficial Christmas flower. 


The music of the season, see it live or hear it at home, Parang is definitely something you will hear during the Christmas season. Normally people go aranging to other homes, we Trinis just get any excuse to have a lime lol. 

Finally, time with friends and family, a good lime is always welcomed for Christmas so wherever you are, Christmas is what you make of it, time for reflection and togetherness. So Season Greetings and enjoy your season :) don't forget to share and let me know what is your favourite Christmas essential.