ThriveXchange Bali 2019

Thrive International the creative community who showcases talents and offer opportunities for creatives internationally has launched their #ThriveXchange concept which can be compared to many successful co-living and remote working experiences that already exist on the market. Thrive's founder Ethan Auguste stated that the difference between what exists and the ThriveXchange is the target market of creatives and the tools available for instant collaboration such as music studios, access to local industry networking etc.

The first ThriveXchange will be hosted in the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia in May 2019. Creatives are asked to sign up soon due to the limit of rooms being allocated. During the 12 day trip to Bali, thrivers will get the opportunity to explore Bali, learn and network with locals, collaborate and use the time to unwind and relax.


Once creatives sign up they become part of the community and will be able to get the first preference for new locations during the year. Other locations expected are Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America. "This is an exciting time for Thrive, the response for the first exchange has been great and I plan to take this and blend with what we already do such as the #ThriveIN networking events and #ThriveMasterClass series" Ethan added. If you think this is something for you, visit for more details and to sign up for a chance to be selected.

Take Me To Carnival: Tribe's Festival of Bands

What should have been two nights of a grand festival became one explosion of colour and mas. Saturday 21st of July 2018, Trinidad got a taste of Carnival 2019 at Tribe Carnival's Festival of Bands which was held at the Jean Pierre Complex also home to the Soca Dome. Tribe Carnival celebrated 15 years and the addition of yet another band Pure Carnival to its already house of bands which include last years addition Rogue, Harts, Bliss, The Lost Tribe and of course the mother band Tribe. If anyone knows how to through a party hands down that group is Tribe, their festival themed surely showed with numerous activations such as beer pong, free caricature and temporary tattoos, photo booth and more, this cooler event also had complimentary drinks for all including Carib Beer, Smirnoff Ice, Shandy Carib cocktails, Campari, White Oak Rum to name a few. 

Harts Carnival Photo LoopTT

Harts Carnival Photo LoopTT

Bliss Carnival Photo LoopTT

Bliss Carnival Photo LoopTT

It was time for the costumes and around 9 pm patrons where introduced to the 6 bands presentations for 2019. Opening the show was Harts’ 2019 presentation of Legendary. This was followed by Pure Carnival’s 2019 presentation Strut. Bliss then presented its 2019 design Muse and closing of the first segment.

Lost Tribe Photo LoopTT

Lost Tribe Photo LoopTT

Tribe Carnival Photo LoopTT

Tribe Carnival Photo LoopTT

The Lost Tribe started back the show with an amazing opening segment that took everyone to India for their presentation, Taj. This was very refreshing and a crowd favourite. Up next was Rouge with Red...The Rise of Mars. Closing the event was Tribe, with its presentation XV The Empire. Machel Montano then blessed the stage singing his hits and this year's road march Soca Kingdom.

The Tribe group of bands has a costume for everyone and with their years of experience and dedication to providing World class service for its masqueraders, Tribe Carnival is highly recommended by us here at Caribbean Vybez International. 

Contact us at Caribbean Vybez International at

#TakeMeToCarnival #TribeCarnival #TrinidadandTobago

Caribbean Vybez International TOP 30 2018 SOCA *So far*

It's a new year so that means Trinidad Carnival is around the corner and since Caribbean Vybez International will host its first event in Geneva around the same period I have been listening to the offerings of 2018 and I must say it's sounding good. Based on feedback from friends on Facebook I can see that Patrice Roberts has something good for the season so congrats to her, will she actually have a fighting chance only time will tell as we know it's still too early to really tell for road march. 

So this is just my opinion and keep in mind this is from someone not living in Trinidad at the moment so based on what I've seen and heard on my own with no radio or fete help. 

In no particular order... 

Released early in 2017 but for 2018 so still counts... 

BONUS - Kes and Major Lazer

NEW-Caribbean-Vybez-Logo (1).png

Caribbean Vybez was launched in the city of gold, Dubai June 16th 2009 by Ethan Auguste, a Trinidadian and pioneer with bringing the Caribbean culture to Dubai. The vision is to bring the Caribbean to the World and In the last 7 years, we have introduced West Indian culture to the international community with featured artists, Carnival dancers, steel pan and various club nights throughout the community.

Caribbean Vybez has positioned itself as the premier Caribbean Entertainment Company in Dubai, providing dancers, décor, promotions, media and unique themed parties. Now based in Geneva, Caribbean Vybez International plans to continue it’s mission and goals in Europe and beyond. Caribbean Vybez – Bringing the Caribbean to the world!


Launch of Caribbean Vybez International in Europe    Village Du Soir Geneva    Feb 9th (Carnival Friday) #FantasticFriday

Launch of Caribbean Vybez International in Europe

Village Du Soir Geneva

Feb 9th (Carnival Friday) #FantasticFriday

Caribbean Soul Geneva Flyer.jpg

Kalpee Thrives with a SONY Worldwide Distribution Deal

Introducing Funk, Soul and Swag… Introducing Kalpee!

"We are so excited to introduce you to one of Sony Music Entertainment’s latest and most exciting finds - Kalpee – who's debut single “No One” released today worldwide." Sony Music stated in a recent release.

"When describing newcomer Kalpee sound, some may call it Tropical House and some may refer to it as Soca House with influences from cadence, funk and soul. One thing remains though, his aching voice soars over a sure to be international chart hit, taking you to a place of love and loss. In a nutshell, “No One” will set your ears on fire." The release continued. 

Kalpee "No One" is out NOW!!!
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Christian Kalpee gained his early music experience representing his primary and secondary school at national music festivals where he excelled as a soloist in classical pieces. He grew his talent at Presentation College, San Fernando with leading roles in the school's annual musical productions like "The Wiz" and "Children of Eden" and also began his career as one of the founding members of one of Trinidad's multitalented young bands "The Entourage". Christian soon developed a wide following, wooing audiences with a wide genre of pop, Rnb, funk, reggae and Soca - all in one exciting repertoire and with a broad vocal range. Christian then balanced his performing and music career with a BSc degree in Marine Biology which has further established him as a role model among many young music aspirants who also want to break the status quo.

Christian's writing, production and video works have started to show his creativity by his originals and top quality covers such as "Charlie Puth's and Wiz Khalifa's - See You Again" which has had rave reviews and has surpassed 200,000 views on YouTube.

It was at the start of the year 2017 when Thrive International's founder Ethan Auguste sent Kalpee and Tano's new release "No One" to a friend in Dubai Olly Wood half of the producing duo Hollaphonic who are signed to Universal Music, the song was sent first to have a possible remix made but what happened next was life changing for this Trinidadian artist. With its commercial ready, chart hit ability it was a no brainer that a deal would happen. "Kalpee is the start and now that this bridge with SONY and other strong international industry professionals in our Thrive Network have been activated, my goal is to inspire, motivate and support people wishing to thrive." Ethan mentioned. "Our goal is to use the network to assist with the growth of others. We are stronger together and once we build and support others everyone wins" he added.

We asked Kalpee a few questions about signing the deal with SONY and the future.  

What was going through your mind when you first heard the news about the distribution deal?

There were a bunch of different emotions that I immediately felt after hearing about the distribution deal, so much excitement but at the same time, I was nervous, in fact, I was nervous to the point where it became difficult to get a proper night’s rest for a while. I think the reason for that, at least for me, was the fact that It was difficult to appreciate that a company like SONY, with so much to potentially offer was interested in a sound that two Trini bedroom producers (Tano & myself) were responsible for.

How did it all happen, what was the process like?

The process was quite fast actually but to me, it seemed like years. It took about a month to finalize the contact between SONY and ourselves and for that month our home felt like an office with the constant emails and calls moving between the various parties. It was actually pretty exciting waking up to the emails every day, but I won’t lie being able to finally sign the contract after all the parties agreed on everything, was the most relieving feeling ever and I'm sure I can speak for everyone involved when i say that.

Kalpee & Tano 

Kalpee & Tano 

How long have you worked with the co-producer TANO?

I have known Tano for over five years I'd say, in fact, we met because of a concert that we both performed at known as KTB Live and at that time we had no clue how to even begin thinking about being producers. I won’t say that Tano and I were best friends from then till now, but we managed to bump into each other from time to time, because of the similarity in our passion for music. It’s funny how “No One” actually came about because we hadn’t kept in contact for years and one day randomly we bumped into each other buying doubles on the avenue and from there we decided to link up. Initially “No One” didn't even exist in my head as a song that we’d be working on, but I had already written the song acoustically and decided to play it for Tano since we were both just sharing our new projects with each other, from there he ended up loving it and we decided that we’d work on a production together for the song to make it more “danceable”. Woking with Tano was easy, in fact, we became close friends really quickly and I guess that was because our personalities were pretty similar. After we completed “No One’ we didn't want to stop writing and producing and almost every day we’d meet up to write something new because I guess we just work well together and share a similar vision and mindset when it comes to music and where we want our music to reach.

Where do you see the song going after the release on the 22nd of February?

I see this release as an opportunity for our music to be heard globally, but whether it translates positively or not, is entirely out of our hands. What I would say is that music is about energy and music influences different emotions based on the messages portrayed within the song. “No One” was definitely created from a positive place and the message is something that many people face in the world. Yes, some may say that “No One” is a sad song but there is a lot of hope within the song as well and that to me makes a listener feel “good” when listening to music.

How do you see this helping the industry in Trinidad and Tobago?

I definitely see this as a message to younger artist especially, that there is still room in the world for “good music” and good ideas basically, Trinidad is so full of amazing talent and I'd honestly say that it sometimes doesn't seem like that talent is appreciated, at least in my humble opinion. But what I would say is that there is no point in looking at something with a bitter eye, I do music because I love it and as a result, I’ve made a lot of sacrifices to ensure that my music lives up to a certain standard. I think once you are hungry enough for something you’d get it and I definitely don’t believe in placing doubt into anything that you are passionate about, as cliche as it sounds, you can do anything that you put your mind towards. For me, music takes a lot of work and a lot of emotion and yes it can be depressing at times when something doesn't translate the way you expected, but it’s just a matter of going back to drawing board and trying again. I promise you when the time is right and when you are ready, the world will know. Just stay positive and understand that you are in complete control when it comes to making your dreams a reality.

How has been the feedback with the song with the local radio stations and do you think now that the song is signed to a deal that they will push it more?

Personally I haven’t heard “No One” much on the radio but when the song was initially released, our focus leaned more towards the social media platforms, I do know that it has played a couple times on some of the more urban radio stations but the goal for us is always to create a product that people can enjoy and that people can feel good listening to. Radio play is important and it is amazing to hear something that you have created be played on the radio, but the first step is to win over the people and with the internet being so easily accessible today, it was easy for “No One” to be heard, without depending too heavily on radio plays. We like to sometimes come down on radio stations for them not giving a lot of local pop and hip hop artist a chance, but the truth is, a lot of the DJs and radio personalities on these stations sometimes don’t have a big say in what is played on radio, so saying that we don’t have their support would be a lie. I do think that the support for local artist can be better, but I believe that once you work hard enough on a project, the right people will find you. In anything that you do, you need to be your own motivation and not depend on excuses to make something happen. It would be amazing if this deal grants us more air play on local radio, but it would be even better if the stations genuinely like the song and want to play it without being forced.

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Steelpan in the Middle East

Steelpan, the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago is getting a lot of love now in the Middle East thanks to an interview done by Justin Homer on the Kris Fade Show Virgin Radio in Dubai. The video got over almost 90,000 views and has gone viral spreading the culture to the U.A.E.    

Justin Homer is a professional pannist from Trinidad and Tobago who offers Steelpan musical performances for Dinners, Parties, Weddings and any other occasion.

In addition to Justin seen above getting his pan tuned by pan builder and professional Allan Poteon, Caribbean Vybez International the pioneers of bringing the Caribbean culture to the U.A.E. for over 7 years signed a deal with two leading pannists to work and develop Steelpan in the region. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Michael Gabriel and Allan Poteon are professionals and builders in the field and have moved to Dubai to fulfil the next step of the promotion of the Caribbean culture, with the development of the Steelpan.

Caribbean Vybez International will host various workshops to learn the art of the steelpan, build and produce new instruments to be exported around the World, and provide entertainment to various hotels, restaurants, brunches, events, beach clubs and more. 

In Oman the same is going on over there with their Royal Guard Steelpan Band. 

We are excited to see how far the instrument will reach this year with a lot already in the works I'm sure the Middle East will be soon the International hub for Steelpan. For booking or more info please contact

Caribbean Soul comes to Abu Dhabi

Come join us for a Christmas celebration at the launch of "Caribbean Soul Abu Dhabi".

Mark your calendar: Saturday 24th December

End your weekend on a tropical note, come early and taste the Caribbean with selected bites and appetisers from the Rootz Resturant while enjoying the sweet sounds of live Steelpan and sipping on a tropical cocktail.

Fete and dance the night away to soca, dancehall, reggae, latin, zouk, calypso and urban.

Music By: Shero & Sir Taz
Steelpan Entertainment By: Michael Gabriel & Allen Poteon

Management Rights and Door Policies apply.
RSVP: +971 54 444 78 31
#HysteriaAbuDhabi #WeAreTheCaribbean #CaribbeanSoulAD

-- Dine | Lime | Fete -- 

Hosted by Hysteria at Hilton Capital Grand Abu Dhabi
Organised by Caribbean Vybez International

#60secYuleLuv Challenge

With Christmas around the corner, Shallun an artist from Trinidad and Tobago decided to challenge himself with a #60secYuleluv challenge. "In an attempt to force myself to make time to learn to play the ukulele I devised a challenge... To record 60 seconds of any Christmas song with as many artists as I can before December. That initial idea of me learning the ukulele, GREW into this fantastic way of spreading some Christmas "gooeyness" on Instagram/Facebook throughout December as well as creating content to promote those involved. So far I have 27 confirmations and filmed 15 artists, such as Rembunction, Mark Hardy, Nigel Rojas, Nailah Blackman and many other fantastic young artists." Shallun explained. 

Here is a look at the videos posted so far and get in the Christmas spirit :) 

Like his page on Facebook to follow until Christmas and Seasons Greetings to you :)


Manage Your Trip

Manage Your Trip is an all-inclusive, web-based, out-of-the-box Travel & Tours Management Application Suite that enables Travel & Tour operators to instantly create and manage multiple tour itineraries with astonishing ease and proficiency. Manage Your Trip has thousands of happy users all over the world that help you track and communicate with vendors, and clients, and respond to potential leads through the powerful built in message center. The software does detailed reporting, invoicing, A/R, contracting etc. as well! Even though it is a full-scale tour operator system, it can be adapted to the needs of tour operators of any size — It can be customized or simply used in its standard version.

Manage Your Trip is a fast-growing, globally oriented software solution and services firm with interests in the highly potent domain of Tourism. It is a new-age enterprise that develops highly customized, need-specific Travel & Tours Management solutions, precisely suited to clients business requirements. It’s one-stop, precise solutions — developed after intensive R&D and system analyses — backed by 24/7 Support Service. A steadfast adherence to global quality standards and technical expertise, testified by a rapidly burgeoning clientele.

A formidable repertoire of collaborative efforts and projects with world-class clients all across the globe. A proven track record of delivering avant-garde, technology-enabled business applications on time. A dynamic and professional team of impeccably talented and multiply-skilled personnel dedicated to the sole objective of client satisfaction.

We believe and adhere to a core set of universally-accepted corporate values. We believe in a Strong management commitment and uniform application ensures that these values translate into daily work practices. We believe in integrity, commitment, dedication and transparence in all our client dealings. Each project, each client, deserves utmost attention and complete guarantee.

We believe that while software can thrive on chaos, it's not a sustainable model, nor is it scalable. To grow and maintain a software organization at peak efficiency needs the discipline of process-driven work. Each project follows a specific pattern suited to the deliverables outlined. Tasks and targets are decided and communicated, monitored and controlled. Global development best practices are incorporated into each job we undertake.

Tano X Kalpee - No One

The production duo of Michael Montano & Christian Kalpee, otherwise known as, Tano & Kalpee takes you on an enthralling musical journey with Kalpee's amazing vocals and Tano's haunting production that can be placed on any radio internationally and have a good chance being on the Hot 100 Charts. This song really has a high quality of production and sounds like if Major Lazer and Sam Smith came together for a track.  

So take a listen to 'No One' and I'm sure you would enjoy it as much as I do.