About ThriveIN

Jose Freedom - Trinidad  Winner of the TMM Showcase 

Jose Freedom - Trinidad

Winner of the TMM Showcase 


A Platform to Thrive...

Thrive is host to various networking events around the World, and since its inception hosted events in Dubai, Los Angeles, and Trinidad & Tobago. ThriveIN™ which started as a weekly industry networking night hence the name Thrive I (Industry) N (Night) with the main goal to network like-minded professionals in the fields of Fashion, Art, Media, Entertainment & Hospitality together in one event and gives a platform to meet and build relationships. 

The ThriveIN™ concept is made to showcase others by way of live music, art on display, fashion shows, film screening, booths, live art and demonstrations. This event also brings “Thrivers” together and encourages collaborations and growth for eachother. Each event has a standard flow but changes slightly depending on the city.