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Our Mission:

KEEP            THRIVEIN

To create opportunities that allow the creative industry to Thrive.


Our Mission

The THRIVE movement uses its platform to assist the creative industry to THRIVE. Using our growing international industry network, showcase events, master classes and other platforms we work to assist up and coming designers, performers, filmmakers, artist, dancers and other creatives achieve their goals and create a thriving community. 

Part proceeds of all profit go towards building this ThriveIN community by funding various creative projects such as album recording, film production, clothing, etc. We believe everyone should be able to achieve their goals and we plan to assist them to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Together We Achieve, so join us and let's make a difference to many thrivers around the World trying every day to take their creativity to another level.


Our Impact

Over the last 5 years we have showcased over 100 performers, signed an artist to SONY Music, hosted events in Dubai, L.A, Geneva and Trinidad and Tobago, held master classes with GRAMMY Award winner Babey Drew, Universal Music's/SONY producers Hollaphonic, award-winning publicist Jane Owen from LA and have been working with industry professionals around the World to help develop the creative industries in Trinidad and Tobago. 



artist showcased

We hosted over 50 of our signature event ThriveIN across 4 countries (Dubai, L.A., Geneva, Trinidad) and showcased over 100 artists from around the World.



Years supporting creatives

Since inception, Thrive has been instrumental in the development and showcasing of creatives across various countries. In 2017 through the Thrive Network getting an artist from Trinidad and Tobago signed to SONY Music ME is one of those achievements. 



speakers at the thrive master class

Launched in Dubai in 2016, the Thrive Master Class hosted various speakers including a GRAMMY Award winner, Record Label producers, and experts in the creative industries speaking to other "Thrivers" with the hopes of giving inspiration and motivation to them.






ThriveIN - Thrive (I) Industry (N) Night

A platform that showcases live music, fashion, art, and film.

Dubai Events - ThriveINDXB | ThriveINTribeca

Los Angeles - ThriveINLA

Geneva - ThriveINFoound

Trinidad - ThriveINTNT | ThriveINLime

Coming Soon - ThriveXpo | ThriveINGeneva | ThriveINLondon


thrive master class

Host to over 20 speakers, the Thrive Master Class plans to be an inspirational and motivational series with industry professionals. The talks would soon be available online as a podcast and video with exclusive content. 


Soon "Thrivers" will be able to use our website, app, tv, radio, film and magazine platforms to connect, collaborate, create and learn. 


Get Involved

Be a part of a dynamic team that is motivated to help develop and support those in the creative fields, if this is who you are, then contact us now and join our community of "Thrivers".


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Have something to showcase or wish to perform at one of our events? Contact us now for a chance to be discovered.

Volunteer opportunities

We are looking for "Thrivers" willing to help grow Thrive and join the movement of creatives.

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Support our efforts and donate to give other "Thrivers" a better chance to create and to THRIVE.